I’m a photographer with a focus on portrait and movement.

An artist with focus on the conceptual usage and the abilities of photography.

I do exhibitions, graphic-design, editing, retouching and of course photography.
Right now, I am working on a project called dieMotive. It’s a new magazine about the culture of photography. Go check it out.

For corporate und commercial work I team up with Ulla Deventer. Deventer/Hagmann.

If you want to contact me, feel free. I’m based in Hamburg and I work everywhere.




Or just call me: +49 163 287 91 45




since 2010 freelance Photographer, Artist and Editor

2013 – 2014 Co-founder and co-organizer of the “Vom Nutzen der Bilder” conference

2012 – 2013 Co-founder and editor of “cahiers – Hefte zur Fotografie”

2004 – 2007 Designer of digital and print media


03/2011 – 08/2014 Photographic Studies (M.A.)
Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Germany

09/2007 – 08/2010 Bachelor Fotografie (B.A.)
Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Germany

07/2001 – 06/2004 Apprenticeship as a media designer
Koch Essen Kommunikation + Design GmbH, Essen, Germany




Voies off, Arles, L’ateliers cinq, Arles, France


DTdF, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany


Dialoge über Bücher, uzwei im Dortmunder U, Dortmund, Germany

Contemporary Art Ruhr, SANAA-Gebäude, Essen, Germany


Kunsthaus Essen, Essen, Germany

Die Krise des Sichtbaren, Pasinger Fabrik, München, Germany

Schauraum, FH-Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany


cahiers – Hefte zur Fotografie, FB-Galerie, Dortmund, Germany


Lichttest, Altes Pfandhaus, Köln


Schauraum, FH-Dortmund, Dortmund




Hasselblads Masters 2018 – Would be nice. But not participated.

CEWE – Our world is beautiful – HAHA. CEWE. Never. I will never participate.

fotoforum Award 4/2018 – Not participated.

Kassel Photobook Dummy Award 2018 – No Photobook. No participation.

Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2018 – Nice, but didn‘t participate.

LUMA Rencontres Dummy Book Award 2018 – Ahhhh. I have no actual Book. Not participated.

Kunstpreis Fotografie 2018 – Not participated.

ZEISS Photography Award – Not participated.

Digigraphie-Fotowettbewerb – What? Not participated.

friends award 2018 – Friends? With Jennifer Aniston? Oh Nice. Not participated.

Preis Voies Off 2018 – Hope to see you there. But I didn‘t participate.

Bewegte Kamera – Tsss. I didn‘t even know that it exists. Didn‘t participate.

Deutsche Bank Photography Award – I should have won this. I should participate somehow.

Sony RX0 Video Challenge – Not enough video on my HD. So didn‘t participate.

vfg Nachwuchsförderpreis – I‘m not young enough. Didn‘t participate.

VG Bild-Kunst Projektstipendien – No Project, no participation.

Il Reportage Photojournalism Award – I‘m not a photojournalist, so I didn‘t participate.

CEPIC Stock Photography Awards 2018 – I‘m not a stock photographer, so I didn‘t participate.

Großformat-Fotowettbewerb – Didn‘t work with large format for 10 Years. So I …………….

Fotopreis Museums(ER)leben – ??? Didn‘t participate.

Nera di Verzasca Award 2018 – Italia. I didn‘t participate.

MonoVisions Photography Awards 2018 – I have StereoVisions. I didn‘t participate.

LensCulture Street Photography Awards – I don‘t do street photography. So I didn‘t participate.

WunderWelten-Fotowettbewerb 2018 – Not participated.

ND Awards Photo Contest 2018 – Not participated.

emerge Visual Journalism Grant 2018 – I‘m not a photojournalist, so I didn‘t participate.

World’s Top 10 Black & White Photographers 2018 – Photo Contest – Maybe I‘m top 10. But i didn‘t participate.

Sony World Photography Awards 2018 – Not participated. I don‘t work with sony equipment. Damn.

World Press Photo – AWWWWW world-renowned. But not participated. However.

gute aussichten – junge deutsche fotografie 2017/2018 – I‘m not a student anymore, so I couldn‘t participate.



PX3 Prix de la Photographie – Not participated.

LUCIE FOUNDATION Photographer’s Forum 37th Annual Spring Photo Contest – I thought it was autmn. Not participated.

Smithfund Gene Smith Grant – Not participated.

Belfast Photo Festival – SPOTLIGHT AWARD – Not participated.

Ifolor Photography Award – Never heard of it? Me neither. Not participated.

Hellerau Photography Award – Maybe I should participate next time.

EIKON Award (45+) – What? I‘m not old enough. Not participated.

Sony World Photography Awards 2017 – Not participated. I don‘t work with sony equipment. No chance to win.

Boutographies 2017 – I didn‘t understand this. Not participated.

CEPIC Stock Photographer of the Year – I‘m not a stock photographer, so I didn‘t participate.

Prix de l’Emoi Photographique – French? Not participated.

The Children Peace Image of the Year – Ah yeah. Children. I have no child-pics. Not participated.

FMoPA – Florida Museum of Photographic Arts: Best in Competition – No competition, no award, no participation.

Tamron-Fotowettbewerb TakeOff 2017 – Sigma is better. Maybe. Not participated.

Herbert-Schober-Preis der DGPh – Who is Herbert-Schober? Not participated.

Wuestenrot Stiftung – Dokumentarfotografie Förderpreis 12 – I don‘t do documentary. So I didn‘t participate.

NaturFoto-Heft August – Schmetterlinge – AAAAWWWWWWW. Butterflies. AWWWWWW. AHHHHH. I did not participate.

International Wildbird Photo 2017 – They are too fast. So I can‘t do photographs of them. Not participated.

Vonovia Award für Fotografie – This is a medium big company. I only participate when it‘s a really big company.

Otto-Steinert-Preis 2017 – This would be awesome. But I‘m not a journalist. Not participated.

Kunstraum Rhein|Ruhr Preis für Fotografie – Wrong Area. I live in Hamburg. But i‘m from Rhein/Ruhr. Not participated.

SW-Heft 119 – Oberflächen in SW – Surfaces? BW? I could have participated. But I didn‘t.

Fine Art Photography Awards 2017 – Yeah I do FineArt. Maybe. Not participated.

Humanitarian Visa d’or Award – I’m human. Not participated.

Grand Prix Images Vevey – Vevey? What? Not participated.

Canon Female Photojournalist Award – Shit, I‘m male. Not participated.

PhotOn Festival 2017 – Not participated.

acatech PUNKT Multimedia-Preis – Multimedia? What‘s this? Not participated.

Yves Rocher Foundation Photography Award – Cosmetics? Didn‘t know it. Not participated.

Dummy Award Kassel 2017 – No Dummy. No Award. Not participated.

Mensch und Tier – BergMagazin ALPIN  – Humans are animals too. Not participated.

Music Photo Contest in der LFI Galerie – I could have participated. But I didn‘t.

Sportfoto des Jahres – No sports photography in my portfolio. So I didn‘t participate.

ND Awards Photo Contes 2017 – Not participated.

PRIX VOIES OFF 2017 – Not participated.

PIC Förderpreis SELECTED 2017 – I was not selected. By who? Not participated.

World Press Photo Contest 2017 – Yeah. No award for me. Because I‘m not a photojournbalist.

Photogrvphy Grant 2017 – There is something wrong with this name. Not participated.

Monochrome Photography Awards – I have monochrome ones. But I didn‘t participate.

Förderpreis STERN Grant – But I‘m not a journalist. Not participated.

Photo Awards La Quatrième Image 2017 – Not participated.

Gabriel-Grüner-Stipendium 2017 – Don‘t know him. So I didn‘t participate.

fotogena-Fotowettbewerb – Begegnung in der Fremde – Where? Not participated.

Hansel-Mieth-Preis 2017 – Couldn‘t participate.

OPUS Fotografiepreis 2017 – Not participated.

FC Barcelona Photo-Awards – I‘m more into Borussia Dortmund. So I didn‘t participate.

Menschen – fotoforum Award 3/2017 – Not participated.

Calumet Student Award 2017 – I‘m not a student anymore, so I couldn‘t participate.

New Talent Award 17/1 – Talent? Where? Not participated.

GDT Naturfotograf 2017 – I should start naturphotography. Not participated.

BigPicture Natural World – I only shoot small pictures. Couldn‘t participate.

Wasser Photo+Adventure – Moisture is the essence of wetness. Some genius said. Not participated.

Broncolor Gen NEXT ambassadors – I do profoto and hensel. Not participated.

Datacolor – Farbtupfer – HAHAHA. NO.


NRW.BANK.Kunstkalender  – They are so nice at NRW.BANK. Without them, I could have never been a student. But I didn‘t participate.

POLADARIUM  – ??? Didn‘t participate.

Canon New Cosmos of Photography  – A new cosmos. But I didn‘t participate.

Globetrotter World Photo  – I don‘t do hiking. So I didn‘t participate.

Hasselblad Masters 2016 – Is there a cash price? Not participated.

DGPh-Bildungspreis  – They don‘t know me. I couldn‘t participate.

FineArtprinter – Bunt ist das Leben – HIHI. Life is colorful. I didn‘t participate.

NaturFoto: Spielwiese – What? Not participated.

International Photography Awards  – It is international. But I didn‘t participate.

Syngenta Photography Award – Is there a fee? I didn‘t participate.

LensCulture – Emerging Talent Awards  – It‘s culture. Not participated.

photo16 – 11. Schweizer Fotoszene – I‘m from germany. Couldn‘t participate.

Aperture Portfolio Prize  – My portfolio needs to be upgraded for this. Not participated.

Berg.Welten Reisejournalismuspreis – Travel and journalism. Hmmmmm. I didn‘t participate.

Canon-HD-Fotobuch-Wettbewerb – No Photobook. No HD. No participation.

Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award – Whaaaat? Who‘s this guy? I participate next time. Maybe.

YP Young Portfolio  – Young? HAHAHA. Not participated.

Swiss Press Photo Award  – Swiss? Press? What do you think? Yes, I didn‘t participate.

Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year – I eat breaburn. And i don‘t do food photography. Not participated.

Photo+Adventure – Abenteuer Stadt – Stadt Abenteuer – Adventure and City. That‘s me. I missed it. Shit.

iPhone Photography Awards  – I use a blackberry. Seriuosly. KEYone. Is the best phone ever. Not participated.

9. Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers – AHHHHH i‘m male. It doesn‘t feels right. Not participated.

Hannover Shots  – I live in Hamburg. Hamburg shoots back. What do you think.

Red Bull Illume Quest – Red Bull, go home. Not participated.

Fotoforum-Award: Experimentell – I did a lot of experiments. But winning an award? I didn‘t participate.

EyeEm Photographer of the Year – EyeEm? This bullshit platform? Not participated.

Upcoming Masters of Photography – I‘m a true master. But I don‘t know if i‘m upcoming.

International Light Painting Award – 🙂 Light painting. Seriously?

Verzasca Fotofestival Awards  – What? Where? ?? Not participated.

Nannen Preis  – Henri? Maybe? Not participated.

EPSON International Pano Awards – No Pano in my Portfolio. Sorry. Didn‘t participate.

Fotostipendium des HAUS am KLEISTPARK – Not participated.

Bewegung! Dynamik und Action! – Lights, camera, action. Dynamic. I didn‘t participate.

PIC Foto-Förderpreis – Never heard of it. Not participated.

RPS International Print Exhibition  – No printer, no award. Not participated.

Camille Lepage Award  – Not participated.

St. Leopold Friedenspreis  – Yes. Peace. This is it. Not participated.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DEUTSCHLAND – Fotograf des Jahres  – Maybe I should do more nature phorographs.

Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award Arles  – Arles is a beautiful town. Really. But I didn‘t participate.

Garden Photographer of the Year  – Next time I participate.

Natur zwischen Rhein und Weser – It‘s always nature. Everywhere. Not participated.

Sony World Photography Awards  – Sony. Always Sony. Not participated.

Pflanzen in SCHWARZWEISS – Noone will do better than Blossfeldt.

Schweiz vfg Nachwuchsförderpreis – Swiss? Upcoming? I didn‘t participate.

camera flash awards – Blitz mich! – Flash me? Hahaha. Yeah. I didn‘t participate.

Martin-Lagois-Fotowettbewerb – Who? Not participated.

Marianne-Brandt-Wettbewerb – See above.

IAFOR Documentary Photography Award – I‘m not really into documentary photography.

Nera di Verzasca Award 2016 – di what? Not participated.

Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2016 – Not participated.


Kassel Fotobook Dummy Award 2015 shortlist  – YEAH. I PARTICIPATED. And I made it to the shortlist.

Athens Photo Festival Shortlist  – See above.

Nachbarschaft – architekturbild 2015 – Not participated.

Heimat X – Förderpreis – What‘s X? Not participated.

Prix Photoforum 2015 – Could be nice. But not participated.

Carmignac Photojournalism Award 2015 – I‘m not a photojournalist, so I didn‘t participate.

Celeste Prize 2015 – Art. It‘s about art. Not participated.

13th Annual International Photography Awards – This could have been the one. But i didn‘t participate.

ILPA 2015 – Lichtmalerei – They are all lightpainters or something like that. Not participated.

PhotoWerkBerlin Preis – Didn‘t understand. So I didn‘t participate.

Gregor Self-Publishing Calendar Award 2016 – I should do some calendars. Really. Not participated.

Aenne Biermann Preis 2015 – Maybe i participate sometime.

NaturFoto: Greifvögel & Eulen – I‘m speechless.

Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2015 – Hä? Where? Not participated.

Gabriel-Grüner-Stipendium 2015 – I don‘t know him.

Hansel-Mieth-Preis – Sounds very official. But I didn‘t participate.

Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize – Maybe next time. Not participated.

stern Junge Fotografie Stipendium – It‘s a shitty magazine. Really. Don‘t participate.

Leica Oskar Barnack Preis 2015 – I have no portfolio for this. But it‘s very renowned.

Syngenta Photography Award 2015 – This one is not renowned. Not participated.

Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2015 – A lot of cash but…. Yes I didn‘t participate.

CWPA 2015 – What? Not participated.

Camera Austria Preis 2015 – Maybe I was not good enough to participate.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards – hahaha. Really. Comedy and Wildlife. Are you drunk?

n-ost-Reportagepreis 2015 – I‘m not a photojournalist, so I didn‘t participate.

9. Südtirol-Medienpreis – Wrong area. I live in Hamburg. Not participated.

Grand Prix de photographie de Vevey 2015 – Not participated.

Küstenbilder in SW – Noooo I photographed the coast in color.

Wahre Schönheit- Terra Mater Fotowettbewerb – True beauty. Always everywhere. Not participated.

Henri Cartier-Bresson Award 2015 – He was a true master. That‘s what everyone is telling. Maybe. Not participated.

LensCulture’s Visual Storytelling Awards 2015 – This LensCulture. It‘s OK but I didn‘t participate.

PhotoVision PHOTOGRAPHIE Förderpreis 2015 – I should have participated. But I didn‘t.

Recherchepreis Osteuropa 2015 – I did some research. But I didn‘t participate.

Fotoprojekt BLICKKONTAKTE – Not participated.

Digiscoper of the year 2015  – What is a digiscoper? Not participated.

Heimat neu entdecken- Verband Deutscher Naturparke e.V. (VDN) und Kaufland – Sounds very interesting. NOT.

DOCMA Award 2015 – It‘s about photoshop I think. Maybe Jennifer is in Paradise now.

Berge in SW – It‘s the same as above: I did some in color. Not participated. Shit.

Travel Photographer of the Year 2015 – I traveled. Really. But I didn‘t made photographs.

Nikon Small World – What? Small world? You lie. Not participated.

Nacht in SW – I photographed the night. But there was too much color.

Globetrotter World Photo 2015 – Go home.

Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Award – Pierre & Alexandra. They love each other. Not participated.

MENSCH – zum Fotogipfel Oberstdorf – I‘m tired. Not participated.

NaturFoto: Tierische Action – Animal Action. Seriously? Not participated.

F.A.Z. Titelbild des Jahres 2015 – I should work for F.A.Z. It‘s money and awards.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DEUTSCHLAND Wildes Deutschland – Yeah wild germany. Wild doves everywhere.

Inge Morath Award 2015 – Not participated.

C/O Talents 2015 Extended PhotographyI PARTICIPATED. But they didin‘t like it. I cried.

Eugene Smith Grant 2015 – See above.

Monochrome Photography Awards 2015 – My blood is monochrome. But I didn‘t participate.

Young Portfolio 2015 Call for Entries JAPAN – Shit. Japan. Young. How could I participate?

Schömberger Fotoherbst 2015 – It was autumn when I heard of it.

Eagle-Eye Photo Contest – Is it about the brother of nene cherry? Save tonight.

HIPA 2016 Thema: Happiness – I was happy. Really. Because I DIDN‘T PARTICIPATE.

Journalistenpreis PUNKT 2015 – Not a journalist. Not participated.

Canon Profifoto Förderpreis 2015/2 – It‘s the one for the younger generation I think.

Augenblick Natur! – nature. Alwaqys nature. I didn‘t participate.

Camille Lepage Award 2015 – Not participated.


Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 – What a title. But not mine.

gute aussichten – junge deutsche fotografie 2014/2015 – My professor thought they wouldn’t choose me, so I couldn‘t participate.

DOCMA Award 2014 – This photoshop bullshit.

Literaturland Hessen – Photography? Where? Not participated.

Art Prize Arte Laguna – I should …. but….. NOT.

Renaissance Photography Prize 2014 – How can I photograph the renaissance?

Naturschätze Europas 2014 – Not participated.

FREELENS Award für jungen Fotojournalismus – Not a journalist. Not participated.

stern-Stipendium Junge Fotografie – See above. And it‘s a shitty magazine.

Jugendfotowettbewerb Fotoclub Darmstadt – Too old to participate a youth contest.

FPP – Fritz Pölking Preis und Nachwuchspreis – Who‘s this guy?

Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen e.V. Europäischer – They are organised in an a society? Seriously?

Naturfotograf des Jahres 2014 – nature. Always nature. I didn‘t participate.

Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2014 – What can I achieve?

Kunstpreis Literatur Fotografie 2014 – Sounds great. But it‘s 2018 and I didn‘t participate.

Talents 2014 – Memories – I think I‘m a talent. Not participated.

Alfred Fried Photography Award 2014 – Not participated.

FOTO HITS Leserfotowettbewerb für Amateure – Shit I‘m pro. Not participated.

#RePicture the world – If you want me to do it. It‘s too late.

Digiscoper of the Year 2014 – Again? Not participated.

IMS Photo Contest 2014 – World renowned. NOT. Not participated.

Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award – See above.


Impact13 (PACT-Zollverein) – YEAH. I was invited. And it was very nice.

Audi Art Award Shortlist  – Can you believe? I was shortlisted because…. I PARTICIPATED.